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DINPOO - Clorox bleach alternative Parvo Disinfectant Spray
Clorox bleach alternative Parvo Disinfectant Spray

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What is in the ParvoBuster® Viral Smack-Down Kit?

Contents of ParvoBuster Viral Smack-Down Kit
  • 2 x 4 oz (8 oz total)
  • Comprehensive Parvo Treatment Guide
  • Perfect for animals that are vaccinated, de-wormed, or have parasites
Our Viral-Smack-Down Kit will treat up to 50 dogs, depending on weight.

What is in the ParvoBuster® All-In-One Parvo Kit?

Contents of ParvoBuster All-In-One Parvo Kit
  • 1 x 2 oz
  • Comprehensive Parvo Treatment Guide
  • Perfect for animals that are not vaccinated, not de-wormed, or don't have parasites
Our All-In-One Kit will treat up to 25 dogs, depending on weight.

Using the ParvoBuster® Product Calculator

ParvoBuster Product Calculator Form
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Once you fill out the quick form adding ALL of your dogs (whether they're inside, outside, sick, healthy, exposed, pregnant, nursing, etc., list all dogs), then click Yes or No for the questions pertaining to diarrhea and vaccinations, then click Calculate. If you get stuck, mouse over the blue question marks for extra info.

The Calculator Bot will instantly figure out exactly what you need for your situation.

Here is what the Product Calculator would look like when it is filled in:

Completed ParvoBuster Product Calculator Form
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In this example the customer has 2 sick dogs (3-10 lbs) sick for 1 day, 1 sick dog (11-20 lbs) sick for 2 days, and 2 healthy/exposed dogs (21-100 lbs).

At least one of the dogs has bloody diarrhea, and has been vaccinated, chemically de-wormed, or currently has worms/parasites.

After clicking the Calculate button, the next thing you will see is the results page.

The ParvoBuster® Product Calculator Results/Quote Page:

ParvoBuster Product Calculator Results/Quote
Don't let your animals suffer for even another minute.

The results page will tell you valuable info, such as:

  • The recommended product set for your particular situation
  • The cost of the products before shipping (as you will have to enter your zip or postal code to get an exact amount, during checkout).
  • What it might cost if you use the vets.
  • When you must order by (daily deadline) to get same-day SHIPPING.
  • When you could expect delivery - for US and International packages.
  • If Saturday delivery is an option for you (US only).
  • If the products are in stock, and so forth.
  • NOTE: for sick animals, we only use FedEx Priority Overnight (US) or FedEx Priority International (229 countries and territories world-wide).
  • All in all, we have a high success rate (90% or more) when people exactly follow our Proprietary Parvo Buster Parvo Treatment Guide.
  • We have helped 5,997 animals to get back on their feet and would love to do the same for your animals.
  • More questions, Contact Us and a friendly ParvoBuster® Customer Service Rep. will get back to you.
  • Get started now!

Parvo Busters are at your service, you're never alone, we'll help you and your animal in his darkest hours.

We dedicate this site to all of the unsung heroes worldwide - everyday-people working tirelessly to save their animals using kitchen home remedies for Parvo, home Parvo treatment kits, and much love.

Photo of Pinky
Pinky, who unfortunately did not make it.

We also salute all sick, recovering, and those precious pets that fought valiantly but found our site too late and ran out of time.

We especially would like to send out our heart-felt sympathies as losing a pet in our view is the same as losing a family member. If you've lost a pet, then we would be honored to give him (or her) a lasting tribute. Just send photos, your pet's name, and his story. Use our Contact Us form and we will be happy to post a tribute on one of our sites.

Order Your Parvo Treatment Kit Now!

We love animals and our goal is to help you wherever we can. Your Parvo Buster team has the experience (over 5,990 cases), using proven Parvo home remedies that complement our ParvoBuster® at home Parvo Treatment Kits, which also includes our comprehensive ParvoBuster® Parvo Treatment Guide. This gives you the winning edge against the scourge of the Earth: the Canine Parvovirus.

If you see any of the usual Parvo symptoms, or if you see bloody stools, don't panic. This does not mean your pet has no chance. We've dealt with this hundreds of times and it is no reason to give up on your pet. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Indeed that is a crushing sight to see, but we've saved thousands of dogs (and cats too, with Feline Distemper, aka Feline Parvo, as well as other small mammals), in this condition.

You just need to act NOW! Place your order and we'll do everything we can to help you save your beloved pet from one of most horrendous ordeals he could every go through.

Does your dog already have Parvo, or does he show one or more of the classic Parvo symptoms?


Strapped for time and in a hurry? Need to deal with Parvo fast? Hereís the speed version (only 15 minutes):

  1. Read the 45-second version of "What Is Parvo?".
  2. Order your products, 5 minutes.
  3. Make the Parvo Emergency Tea Recipe (this will help keep your dog going until your products arrive).
  4. Download our FREE Parvo Book and read this over the next day or so while waiting for your package to arrive.


As a retired, naturopathic doctor, I was delighted to discover this web site. I knew that there had to be natural products for our animals' problems, just like we have for humans. I will be bookmarking this site!



Information you need to know - find out more about Parvaid (pronounced PARvaide) and other home Parvo Treatment products:

    Order Your Parvo Treatment Kit Now!
  1. What is Parvaid? Parvaid (sometimes misspelled as Parvid) is a product that was designed to function as a Parvo aid, i.e. it is meant to help relieve Parvo symptoms such as vomiting, gas, diarrhea, nausea, and stimulate the dog's appetite.

    We used to recommend Parvaid because when it was first introduced, in 1997, it was indeed a revolutionary product. There really wasn't anything else like it on the market at the time. We used it to help treat a number of dogs, but we found, early on in 2007, that it wasn't enough.

    We had to add additional products in that range (e.g. Vibactra Plus, Life Cell Support, Pet's Pain Formula, and Adizone). This, of course, brought the cost up for a single treatment kit to $140 USD, and it was still only enough to treat up to six (tiny, under 3lbs) dogs, so from a customer standpoint, it wasn't very cost-effective, but in our view, since you had to continuously add additional products to get the job done, that meant people had to do a lot more work, because these products had different dosage schedules.

    Order Your Parvo Treatment Kit Now!By contrast, both of the ParvoButer® kits (single bottle and dual-bottle) require the same amount of drops [based on the dog's weight] that are easily added to the Parvo Emergency Tea just four times a day! This is much simpler than having several different dosage amounts and frequencies as the Parvaid products require.

    Even after we added all those additional products to the mix, we still struggled with lots of cases. We took a closer look at the ingredients list and we more or less surmised that some of those ingredients indeed would cause additional problems.

    In particular, garlic. That ingredient happens to be in several of the products, which means your dog is ingesting a pretty fair amount of that substance. The problem is, garlic is actually toxic to animals, and at a minimum, it typically causes additional vomiting, which is the last thing you need in a Parvo crisis, and at worst, it could cause additional complications, or worse.

    The other problem ingredient is alcohol. This is toxic, period. No animals should be ingesting alcohol. They are not equipped to metabolize that particular substance.

    So, in our minds, if the goal is to save animals, then why risk introducing additional complications and other serious problems if you don't have to?

    The Parvaid product sets can indeed cause liver, kidney and pancreas problems, or, if your dog happens to have pre-existing conditions, those products can exacerbate them.

    We asked the folks at Amber Tech to alter the formula on many occasions, but they refused.
Case Study: Mojo, in mid-July 2010, when he had Parvo
Mojo in July 2010, when he was sick Mojo in July 2010, when he was sick Mojo in July 2010, when he was sick
Notice how he looks like a bag of skin and bones?
  1. So if you don't sell Parvaid, what do you sell? Good question! You're right - if, in all honesty, we no could no longer sell Parvaid, then we had no choice but to find a Parvaid alternative.

    Happily, we found a Board Certified Master Herbalist to make custom formulas which are now in our ParvoBuster® Parvo Treatment Kits.
Case Study: Mojo, in early August 2010, two weeks after having Parvo
Mojo in August 2010, two weeks after having Parvo Mojo in August 2010, two weeks after having Parvo Mojo in August 2010, two weeks after having Parvo
Notice how he's already put most of his weight back on?
  1. Are ParvoBuster® Parvo Treatment Kits safe? Absolutely! Our formulas do NOT contain any garlic and certainly there is no alcohol. This is another reason why you can rest assured that our products will not cause additional complications or side-effects.
Case Study: Mojo, in early September 2010, six weeks after having Parvo
Mojo in September 2010, six weeks after having Parvo Mojo in September 2010, six weeks after having Parvo Mojo in September 2010, six weeks after having Parvo
Notice how healthy he looks now - like he was never sick?
  1. Where to buy Parvaid and other home Parvo treatment products is important. Lots of people still sell Parvaid, but most don't have a clue how to properly use it to save your dog. Most resellers just consider this as just another product to sell (and they probably won't know that you really need additional products to bolster the Parvaid). They do not offer support or detailed instructions because they don't have the knowledge or experience in using this product.

    This can make all the difference in the world. If you have not dealt with the current strains of Parvo in particular (or any forms of Parvo for that matter), then you will need help.

    Our ParvoBuster® Parvo products, on the other hand, are only available via our websites, which means you don't need to go hunting for a local retailer. And we have tons of experience (as you'll see from our Parvo Meter at the top of this page), much of which is contained in our comprehensive Parvo Treatment Guide that is included with all of our Parvo Treatment Kits.
Case Study: Mojo, in mid-April 2012
Mojo in April 2012
A full-grown, happy, healthy Mojo, with his mom, Julie
  1. Why buy a Home Parvo Treatment Kit from ParvoBusters?
      Extremely sick, very depressed dog dying in agony from Canine Parvovirus.
      Avoid seeing your dog in a pool of his own blood, get your Parvo Treatment Kit, also use it to prevent Parvo with exposed Parvo dogs.
    1. Parvo Busters have the experience: 5,997 cases and counting, over the past two years.
    2. We are in full compliance with the manufacturer's requirement to sell Home Parvo Treatment Kits.
    3. Our home remedies for Parvo are constantly updated to give your dog an even better chance for a full recovery. The free ParvoBuster Emergency Tea recipe, for example, is now on Version 7.3!
    4. Healthy, Happy Parvo-free doggie.
      Keep your dog health and happy - find easy techniques in our comprehensive Parvo Treatment Guide (included with all orders).
    5. Get your packages fast via FedEx Overnight, Monday - Saturday deliveries in the US, and FedEx International Priority (Monday - Friday, 1 - 3 day service) for our friends outside of the country. We ship to 229 countries and territories worldwide!
    6. The ParvoBuster® team is here for you for the duration of your Parvo crisis and for that delicate Parvo recovery period. Parvo Busters are your personal Parvo Aides and Parvo Coaches.
  2. is a fraud-free zone!
  3. Is it safe to buy a home Parvo Treatment Kit from ParvoBusters? Yes! Easy ordering 24 hours a day on our website via PayPal or Credit/Debit cards using our super-safe encrypted site. Your information/privacy is important to us: we will never sell, rent, or give away your details.
  4. Specialised issues:
    1. NEVER EVER vaccinate dogs that either have Parvo, or have been exposed to the virus (i.e. they were infected but are not yet showing symptoms). This is a very dangerous practice that can kill dogs in a matter of hours - check out the experience of one of our customers and see for yourself.
    2. DO NOT give these herbal products to pregnant female dogs. This could, in some situations, cause a miscarrage. (BTW, you will not get this kind of info from most Parvaid retailers.)
    3. DO NOT give these herbal products to nursing female dogs - they have a detox effect and this can cause problems for the pups.

Visiting this site was interesting a lot to me as I am a veterinary medicine doctor. Nice products - site is nicely organized and the layout is great !!!!

Goran, DVM


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This tool selects the best combination of products specifically for your situation. You will get a cost analysis and see just how much you will save by using our highly successful chemical-free products over treating your dog at the vet's.

Use our Product Selector now to find out which products you need for your doggies!

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