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Returns Policy – Major Change

We have regrettably had to change our Returns & Refund Policy because of the ever-increasing virulence of the latest 2c strain of Parvo. We will no longer be able to accept returned packages back because of the high risk of contamination and the danger this poses to other people and their dogs. For further details, […]


Why Buy Parvaid?

If you purchase Parvaid, along with its companion products such as Life Cell Immune Support, Doggie Pain Relief (aka Pet’s Pain Formula) and Vibactra Plus, then you’re giving your dog a chance to survive the often deadly Canine Parvovirus. All of our products, including Parvaid, are 100% natural, containing herbs that are entirely human-grade. There […]


Home Parvo Treatment Protocols Updated Again

As of today, we’ve had to upgrade the protocols for treating Parvo once again. The Parvo virus is growing ever stronger, and we’re finding that more and more cases are proving harder to treat using the old protocols, in what we sold as our Silver Value Packs. And although the Silver Value Pack is still […]