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In December 2008, we received an email from a customer saying that she lost six dogs, and that our products did not work.

Now, we’re obviously sorry to see anybody’s dogs die from this horrific virus, and as we say on our website, we are, sadly, unable to save every single dog from Parvo – sometimes, you can do absolutely everything right, and yet it’s still not enough.

So, why are we telling this particular story in the Dumb & Dumber category?

Well, this customer’s case illustrates two fundamental errors.

Firstly, when she placed her order (which was back in March 2008, by the way, which is some nine months ago!), she only told us about two healthy adult dogs, and two sick pups, all of which weighed between 3 and 10 lbs.

We therefore recommended our standard Gold Value Pack, which was more than enough to give her two sick pups the full treatment dosage, and her two adult dogs the reduced exposure dosage.

However, it now turns out that she actually had six pups, not two, and because she did not tell us about all of her dogs, she did not have enough of the products to treat all six when they got sick.

We warn people many times on our website to enter details of all of their dogs, because Parvo is a super-aggressive virus, and once one dog in a household, or especially in a litter, gets the virus, there is a very strong chance that others, if not all of them, will get it too.

This is why we tell people to enter details of all of their dogs, so that they will have enough products should the worst happen and they all develop Parvo.

We suspect people do this to try to save money, but as this customer found out, it can cost her dogs their lives.

And even if it does cost a bit more, it still works out to be a lot cheaper than taking even one dog to most vets.

Secondly, even though we have always told our customers to contact us (by phone, email or live chat), this customer did not get in touch once.

We have had many situations where the willingness of the customer to give us a call when things didn’t go according to plan saved their dogs, because we were able to recommend alternatives that they could try.

We don’t understand why people are reluctant to ring us if they’re in trouble – if long-distance phone calls are a problem, then we always tell them to call us, and we’ll call them right back as long-distance isn’t an issue for us.

And without wishing to blow our own trumpets too much, it is highly likely that we have dealt with far more Parvo cases than the vast majority of our customers (and maybe even some vets).

We’ve come across many, many situations, and because of this experience, coupled with constant research, we have been able to react appropriately and save our customers’ dogs in spite of, in some cases, a very dire prognosis.

So, moral of the story:

  1. Don’t try to go cheap by not telling us about all of your dogs, as it could cost them their lives because you won’t have enough product to administer the correct treatments.
  2. Don’t forget that calling us on a regular basis (every four hours or so) during the course of treatment (which begins the moment you place your order, and not just when your products arrive) is a requirement of us doing business with you. We guarantee to do everything in our power to help you get your dogs better, but you have to play your part too.

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