Outraged Website Visitor

We occasionally receive emails, completely out of the blue, from people who stumble across one of our websites.

Many of these people write to express their outrage at the products we sell, and the fact that we dare to offer a home remedy for Parvo instead of recommending that people take their sick dog to the vet’s.

The following is typical of the sort of uninformed rubbish that we receive:

Your website and information is totally irresponsible! How you can possibly advise people to order your products, wait for them to arrive, and treat such a deadly disease at home is beyond comprehension. My sister’s pup is at the vet right now being treated in intensive care for parvo. Obviously you don’t care, and my message won’t make a difference, but I was so outraged, I had to leave one. Parvo is a DEADLY disease, and puppies need to be rushed to a vet or emergency clinic as soon as first symptoms are even suspected. I don’t know how you sleep at night.

As we often (but not always) do, we did reply to this person, and here is a word-for-word copy of what we sent:

Dear xxxxx [name obliterated to protect the stupid],

Thanks for your email.

We are obviously sorry to hear about your sister’s pup, and hope that he/she pulls through.

As for your comments about our website, then it’s because we do care that we run this site and business and provide the unparalleled level of support that we do.

It’s obvious that you have not done any research into these products, or tried them, so we’re not sure on what basis you make all these unfounded statements.

As you are clearly unaware of the facts, let’s lay them out for you:

Survival Rates

From talking to our many hundreds of customers, vets are offering their customers success rates of anywhere from 25% to 85%, although the average seems to be a 50% chance (which is the equivalent of tossing a coin to decide the dog’s fate).

Those are really not very good odds at all.

However, in our experience, using these products, the survival rate tends to be around 90%, and even higher because we are the only people offering customers 24 x 7 phone support and personal coaching to help them through their Parvo crisis. You simply won’t find anybody else that you can call at 3:00am on a Sunday morning and get the sort of advice that is based on our extensive knowledge base and experience in dealing with hundreds of Parvo cases, including most vets.

We also have had a fair number of customers who have taken their dogs to the vets, and after anywhere from three to seven days there, are still no better. These people then find us on the Internet, order our products and often find that their dogs make an almost instant recovery.


Again, from talking to our many hundreds of customers, vets are charging anywhere from $500 to over $10,000 per dog to treat Parvo (even though the chances of survival are only 50:50).

Many people simply do not have that kind of money, but many vets’ reaction to this, when they find out that their customers cannot afford these extortionate prices, is to suggest that the owners have their dogs killed (they call it euthanasia, which sounds a lot better than killing or murdering). One vet we came across says that as many as 75% of his customers take this option.

We are also hearing that some vets are telling customers that once blood appears in the dog’s diarrhea, there is no hope and you may as well kill your dog now before the Parvo does it for you. Well, we have successfully treated many, many dogs that have very bad bloody diarrhea – more like a gusher, which only makes us wonder how many dogs might have survived if these vets knew what they were talking about.

The sad fact is that many of these murdered dogs could have survived if treated with the products we sell, but most vets either do not know anything about these products, and if they do, are mainly dismissive, and we suspect that’s because it calls into question their self-assumed authority in dealing with pet-related illness and because they can’t charge such exorbitant fees for them.

Our products, which as we said above, offer a much greater chance of success anyway, cost far less – $275 USD will enable you treat one or more dogs, depending on their weight, and that includes the cost of overnight shipping.

So, are you really saying that if you couldn’t afford to take your dog to the vet’s, that you would rather murder him than be open-minded enough to try these products? Would you not want to try every option available first? To us, our dogs our like our family, and if your own child came down with a virus such as the human equivalent of Canine Parvo, are you really trying to tell us that you would just let your doctor kill him without exhausting every possible treatment?

Home Treatment vs. Vet’s Treatment

If you leave your sick dog at the vet’s, or the animal hospital, they will be in a strange environment, surrounded by people they don’t know.

In many cases, they are also left alone during the night, often only with other sick dogs for company (meaning they could contract other illnesses that they didn’t already have).

All of this causes additional stress, and stress has long since been proven to slow down the rate of recovery.

On the other hand, if you treat your dog at home, then this is not a problem. Your dog is in a place he knows, surrounded by the people he knows cares for him, and not only that, but you too feel less stressed as you can keep an eye on him at all times (i.e. you’re not constantly wondering what’s going on or whether he’s even died or not – we have had several customers who took their dog to the vet’s and only found out that their dog had died one or two days later).

Time Delay

It’s true that people do have to wait for their products to be delivered, but if people have one or more sick dogs then we only use FedEx Overnight services, as anything else is too slow and can cost dogs their lives. (Other companies selling these products online use Priority Mail, which is simply too slow.)

However, if you’d read our site, you’d know that we offer a full range of very effective Emergency Measures that will sustain dogs for several days, if need be, until products can be delivered.

These emergency measures not only address the risk of dehydration, which is what vets do with their IV or SubQ fluids, but at a fraction of the cost, but also the risk from a drop in blood sugar level (because dogs with Parvo don’t eat), which most vets just don’t address.

What The Vet’s Won’t Tell You

Almost everything vets do these days regarding Parvo has not kept pace with the continuing evolution of this virus.

For example, the tests that vets perform to see if your dog has Parvo are often coming back negative, even though your dog does actually have the virus.

And then, as mentioned above, their treatment protocols are only working about 50% of the time with the latest 2c strain – they can only address the symptoms such as dehydration, nausea and secondary infections, but that’s often not enough.

However, most importantly, many vets recommend, or even insist, that you vaccinate your dog not only as a puppy, but annually as well, but this regime is causing three very significant problems:

  1. Most vaccines in use today do not protect dogs against the latest 2c strain of Parvo. We are seeing many cases where customers have fully-vaccinated dogs, both adults and puppies, who are not only being infected by Parvo but also dying from it (if it’s not treated). You will find similar stories in our Breaking News section.
  2. Parvo shots are actually giving dogs Parvo. Again, we have many customers whose dogs are developing full-blown Parvo within one or two days of being vaccinated, and this is happening too often to be mere coincidence.
  3. All vaccinations can cause short-term and long-term health issues. The long-term ones include a weakened immune system (which makes it more likely they’ll catch anything going around) and chronic inflammation, which apart from causing issues such as arthritis is also now proven to be a leading cause of cancer.

In fact, we’ve even heard of some vets, especially those in emergency clinics, actually giving Parvo shots to dogs who already have the virus, which is one of the worst things you can do – they’re actually injecting even more of the live virus into an already sick dog!

We bet your vet isn’t telling you these things, because they make a lot of money from vaccinations, especially those that cling to the practice of annual booster shots, which are not only unnecessary (vaccinations, if they work at all, can offer immunity for seven years or even life), but also dangerous.

Similar issues apply to the dewormers that most vets use, especially those such as Ivermectin that are referred to as neuromuscular dewormers. These products contain very potent chemicals, some of which are strong and toxic insecticides, that cause a wide range of severe side-effects, including seizures and death, as has happened to a few of our customers.

If you don’t believe us, then you should read a book called “The Nature Of Animal Healing: The Definitive Holistic Guide To Caring For Your Dog And Cat” by the renowned East Cost vet, Martin Goldstein DVM. This vet has even gone so far as to say that “vaccinations are the leading killer of dogs today.” You can find out more about this book on our Parvo Vaccines page.


So, once you know the facts, it paints a very different story, doesn’t it?

Your message will make a difference – a positive one, as we intend publishing the gist of it on one or more of our websites so that we can then include our response, as above, to help educate people that vets do not always deserve the respect they claim or are given when it comes to treating Canine Parvovirus.

It’s actually people like you that make us outraged – making ignorant statements and potentially killing dogs because other people might listen to your unfounded rants when they could have saved their dog.

We sleep at night fine, knowing that we’re doing everything we can to help families save their beloved pets, but it’s you we wonder about – how can you go through life being so negative and narrow-minded, knowing that your opinions (and that’s all they are – there’s nothing you’ve said that’s based on fact or experience) could be condemning dogs to an unnecessary death.

Moral Of The Story

First and foremost, people like this are helping to kill dogs, not save them, because they are making unfounded statements regarding products they have never even tried.

If a person with a sick dog spoke to somebody with this sort of attitude, they would be less likely to try the very products that could save their dog. Instead, they might end up spending thousands at the vet’s, who offer 50:50 odds in most cases, or, if they can’t afford that (and most can’t), killing their dog because their vet is ignorant and/or dismissive of these safe, natural solutions.

So, please don’t be swayed by these poisonous opinions (because that’s all they are).

Who would you rather trust – somebody who has dealt with 5,997 cases of Parvo since March 2007 (i.e. us, and we suspect we’ve a lot more experience of helping to treat Parvo dogs than many vets do), or somebody who would rather spend their time writing uninformed rants about subjects they are ignorant of than actually helping to save dogs’ lives?

We have plenty of testimonials on our site, as well as detailed Case Studies of some of our more challenging cases, and contrary to what idiots like this might think, they are all genuine and unedited, provided by customers who have successfully saved their dogs using the products people like this decry, and who are happy to help us spread the word that there is a viable and cost-effective alternative to vet’s treatment, which is expensive and out-dated, which means they are also largely ineffective.

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