Will Robbins – A Typical Dumbass (And Foul-Mouthed To Boot)

Once again, we received an email, completely out of the blue, from somebody who goes by the name of Will Robbins, which we are including here, word for word, as an example of the sort of garbage we have to put up with:

You people are a bunch of money hungry PRICKS !!!!!!!!!!!!! You do nothing but give people false hopes and make money off oF it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck you !!!”

Now, to start with, we have no idea who this Will Robbins is – nobody with this name (or email address) has ever purchased anything from us.

So, we assume that this moron bought some of the herbal Parvo treatment products that we also sell from somebody else, found they didn’t work, and is now letting rip at the first website he’s come across.

We happen to believe that these products are the best way to treat Parvo (and probably the cheapest too), because if we didn’t believe this, we wouldn’t be selling them, and we certainly wouldn’t be using them with our own dogs every single day.

As we say all over our website, these products do have a 90% success rate, but there are a few caveats.

Firstly, you must use the correct set of products – and a single bottle of Parvaid is no longer sufficient to do the job, given how aggressive the Parvo virus has become.

We have been selling complete Parvo Treatment Kits for a long time now, even before the manufacturer required re-sellers to do this – because we’d already concluded that anything less was unlikely to save sick dogs.

However, there are still plenty of companies out there who are still willing to sell you just a bottle of Parvaid – because they really don’t know anything about the virus or how to treat it.

Note that these companies are not compliant with the manufacturer’s requirements!

In Mr Robbins’ case, he either chose the wrong company to buy from, as they didn’t know what they were talking about, or he tried to go cheap and use only the Parvaid – and if he’d asked us before he bought, we would have told him in no uncertain terms that it would not work.

Secondly, you must follow the directions, to the letter.

Unfortunately, it is our view that the instructions that come with the products are, at best, misleading, and at worst, dangerous, and we have told the manufacturer so.

If this person had bought from us, then he would have received comprehensive home remedies that would address the two main dangers of Parvo (i.e. dehydration and hypoglycemia), as well as detailed treatment protocols for how best to use the Parvo treatment products.

Many people provide a recipe for the Parvo Emergency Tea (which is a very effective home hydration therapy), but unlike other companies, we are constantly refining ours to make it as effective as possible.

For example, most people include Pedialyte in their recipe, but our experience has shown that this can often make the vomiting worse, which is clearly not what you want to happen. (This has been borne out by people who have told us their children vomited when given Pedialyte too.)

You will probably find garlic in other Parvo Tea recipes as well – but not in ours, because that too can make the vomiting worse.

And as for the hypoglycemia, most people (including vets) don’t even address this problem – which is just as dangerous, if not more so, than dehydration.

However, we provide our customers with two proprietary home remedies for this, and in the vast majority of cases, they are very effective.

Next, there are also certain categories of dogs that are just harder to treat, and these include: dogs that weigh 3lbs or less; dogs that have been recently (i.e. within the past two to four weeks) vaccinated and/or dewormed; dogs that have other concurrent problems (e.g. worms / parasites); and dogs that have something that may imitate Parvo but isn’t actually Parvo (e.g. Campylobacter bacteria).

But the single biggest problem we come across that usually leads to dogs not surviving is this: people do not take this virus seriously enough (e.g. they waste valuable time getting started with the necessary pre-treatments), and they will not follow instructions, and that means they are basically experimenting with their dog’s life.

We also require our customers to contact us twice a day with progress updates (because we are the only people selling these products who offer customers 24 x 7 phone support and personal coaching).

Once again, though, those who choose not to do this often find that their dogs don’t make it. Many will contact us several days later to say that the products don’t work and their dog died – but if they’d rung us, as they agreed to do before they purchased, there is a very good chance we could have made adjustments to the treatment that would have saved their dog.

We look at it this way – if customers have treated over 5,990 dogs for Parvo (as we have), then maybe they have some basis for conducting their own experiments, but as we’ve never yet come across any of our customers who are even 1% of the way there, then why would they choose to gamble with their pets’ lives by doing their own thing?

So, do we offer “false hope”?

Well, we tell all of the people who ring us the above information (and it’s also available on our website) – we stress the importance of following the plan, of contacting us twice daily, we warn them about the grueling dosage schedule, we do inform them if we believe their case may be difficult (e.g. because of recent vaccinations) – and for those people who put their faith in us and the experience we have gained, and do what we advise them, then, yes, we do typically get a 90% success rate.

There are no guarantees with Parvo – it’s a devastating virus that is getting worse all of the time – but there are ways to give your dog the best possible chance of survival, and those include using the right products (which is what we sell), and using them correctly (as per the detailed instructions we provide), together with the best complementary home remedies (which we also give to all of our customers).

Like we said earlier, we have no idea who this Will Robbins character is, but he’s mouthing off at the wrong people – he should be talking to the company he bought the products from, or the manufacturer.

You only have to read some of the Case Studies on our website to realise that this is much more than just a business to us – otherwise, why would we make ourselves available around the clock, seven days a week, to help people save their dogs? We certainly don’t enjoy being woken at 3:00am on a Sunday morning, but if that’s what it takes, then we’ll do it – because we’re here to save animals.

The sad thing is that many people have absolutely no business owning dogs in the first place, and from the attitude displayed in his short but offensive email, this Will Robbins clearly belongs in that category.

If people who sold dogs (e.g. breeders, pet stores, shelters/rescues) provided more information to their customers about some of the vital health issues that dog owners really should know (e.g. common illnesses, such as Parvo, the dangers of vaccinations and other chemical-based substances, diet and nutrition), and if the dog owners themselves shouldered some of the responsibility by taking a more active interest in the well-being of their dog (e.g. feeding them a decent dog food instead of the cheapest crap they can find at their grocery store, neutering/spaying), then fewer dogs would need to die from this virus.

So, if Mr. Robbins manages to find this blog post and make his way right to the end, then we expect an apology (which we don’t, in all honesty, think we’ll ever receive, of course) – we have no idea who you are, we have no idea what your situation was or what you actually did or didn’t do, and these are not our products because we are not the manufacturer.

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One Response to “Will Robbins – A Typical Dumbass (And Foul-Mouthed To Boot)”

  1. First of all..I’d like to respond to this email from Mr. Robbins. I don’t know who this person is…but my wife and I can vouch for the “Parvo Treatment” first hand. It saved our two German Shepherd’s lives while a certified vet couldn’t do it! Our male Shepherd came down with Parvo first. We didn’t know what was happening to him until he was too weak to stand for himself. We took him to the Vet and were told it was “Parvo”! We had no idea what that was for it was the first time we had heard of it! The Vet also told us it would cost $1700 to begin the treatment and he didn’t guarantee it would save our dog’s life. He also suggested we get our female Shepherd vaccinated for Parvo as a precaution because she wasn’t experiencing symptoms. We did…we left our male Shepherd in the hands of the Vet…with a very empty bank account and took our female Shepherd back home. Six hours later she started to show signs of Parvo. We couldn’t afford another $1700 for her…so my wife got on the internet and began to look for help. We found a website and asked for help as to what to do. We found out about “Parvaide”, “Vibactra”, etc. for treatment. They told us it “WAS NOT A CURE” but it could help. The cost was a fraction of what the vet was charging….we took the chance. Our female Shepherd was almost gone. We began the treatment as it stated in the directions…every hour on the hour. My wife and I took turns sleeping and staying home from work to administer the treatment. Eight hours after administering the treatment…our female Shepherd was able to stand and drink water for the first time! That was enough for me…I got in my car and drove to the Vet’s and told them I was taking my dog home! The Vet told me that our male Shepherd was not responding to the treatment and needed more time or he would die! More time…more money! I took him home anyway and began the same treatment. In six hours….he took his first drink of water by himself! In ten hours he ate his first solid food (ground chicken and broth) and by the next morning he was playing with his sister. We continued with the treatment as stated in the directions for another week. Today…our male Shepherd is 110 Lbs of solid muscle and our female is 95 LBs of solid muscle and now 2 1/2 years old! So…Mr. Robbins….these wonderful people here are here to help our family pets with a great heart are not charging huge fees and giving false hopes. IF YOU FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS” their remedies will help. My wife and I will stand by this…no matter what anyone says…our two dogs are “living proof” it works. You can see pictures of them on “Facebook” under my name in the photo area. Thank you.