Yet Another Post About Parvo Shots

A recent news story, from the Cochrane Eagle, highlights one of the biggest misconceptions about Parvo there is:

Local humane society avoids recent outbreak of lethal canine virus

While we obviously applaud the work that Humane Societies, rescues and shelters do to save animals, we must take issue with the statement that Parvo is “is 100 per cent preventable through vaccination.”

This is dangerous, because it lulls dog owners into a false sense of security – they do as their vet recommends (and people tend to trust vets, just like they trust anybody in an apparent position of authority), get their dog vaccinated, and then, because of statements such as the one in the above-mentioned article, assume that their dog is safe from one of the biggest killers there is.

The sad fact is that many of the 5,997 dogs (and cats) that we have helped treat for Parvo during the past three years were fully-vaccinated and were up-to-date with all of their shots …

… and yet they still got Parvo!

And here’s another sad fact: this does not just apply to puppies, but to adult dogs as old as five!

The problem with such misinformation is made worse by the fact that many dog owners don’t know what the symptoms of Parvo are, which means they don’t take action soon enough.

If people know anything about this virus, it may be the fact that infected dogs get dehydrated and have diarrhea (which is frequently bloody).

However, in the vast majority of cases, these are not the first symptoms you’ll see.

They may be the first physical symptoms, but they usually follow on after behavioural symptoms, which include your dog not eating and losing his appetite, not drinking, and having no energy, being generally lethargic and not wanting to play.

By the time you notice the diarrhea, your dog can already have been sick for a day or more, and that is valuable time that you simply don’t have to waste with a virus such as Parvo.

We therefore implore all dog (and cat) owners to become better educated about Parvo, and you can’t do better than to download our free book, Parvo Treatment 101.

We would also recommend having a Parvo Treatment Kit on hand at all times – because you never know when Parvo will strike, regardless of whether your dog has been vaccinated or not.

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  1. Sue Little says:

    I saw another product for heartworms referenced somewhere on your site and now I cannot seem to find it. I think there were also remedies for fleas and ticks. Can you point me in the right direction.

    Thank you!