Why The Dog Grooming Salon May Not Be As Safe As You Thought

So, your dog needs some grooming, a bit of TLC to make her look her best, so you do what most dog owners do and decide to take her to the dog grooming salon.

When you get there, you are reassured to find that they will only groom dogs that are fully up-to-date on all of their shots (e.g. Parvo, Kennel Cough / Bordetella).

And so, you leave your doggie there for a bit of pampering, safe in the knowledge that she won’t, at least, get sick while she’s there.

Well, we hate to burst your balloon, but even though dog groomers may have the best of intentions, your dog is not as safe as you thought!

You see, the problem is that Parvo vaccinations are no guarantee that your dog won’t get Parvo.

We hear, on a daily basis, about dogs getting Parvo regardless of their age – i.e. both puppies and adults, some as old as 14 – and regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not.

In fact, it’s even worse than that, because an increasingly common problem is dogs developing full-blown Parvo symptoms within a couple of days (and sometimes even a few hours) of being vaccinated.

Now, vets will probably tell you that this is just coincidence, or that the dog must have already had Parvo when they were vaccinated (in which case, even the vaccine manufacturers tell vets not to vaccinate the dog, although most vets ignore this advice, in their pursuit of more of your hard-earned cash, and probably won’t even do a Parvo test first).

However, when people ring us practically every day of the week with stories such as this, we have to believe that the vaccines themselves are causing the Parvo.

If you think about it, the vaccines contain millions of viral particles (far more than most dogs would ever come across naturally in the wild), as well as a toxic cocktail of chemicals that can destroy their immune system completely, for maybe two weeks.

So, not only is your dog now full of the virus (and maybe other viruses too if he was given a 4-in-1, or even a 7-in-1, shot), but his immune system is compromised at best, and non-existent at worst.

Is it any wonder that more and more dogs are succumbing to Parvo and other ailments, such as pneumonia, as a direct result of being vaccinated?

Back to grooming your dog, then.

If you really want or need to groom your dog, then we highly recommend Dog Grooming Made Easy, a complete 70+ page book that contains all you need to know to keep your doggie clean and good-looking, and that you can download to your computer and be reading just minutes from now.

While you’re learning, we suggest giving your dog a puppy cut, as that will be the easiest to manage, initially, at least.

Your dog may not look quite as perfect as if she had been groomed professionally, but at least you won’t be exposing her to who knows what viruses, bacteria and other infections.

We’ve had at least one customer whose dog contracted Parvo at the groomer’s – so please don’t let the next one be yours!

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3 Responses to “Why The Dog Grooming Salon May Not Be As Safe As You Thought”

  1. Jeannie says:

    “We hear, on a daily basis, about dogs getting Parvo regardless of their age – i.e. both puppies and adults, some as old as 14 – and regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not.”

    Thanks for this information. My vet has been real cautious and told me to be cautious, but grooming was not mentioned as a place she could get parvo.

  2. janice trzeciak says:

    I hae been a dog groomer since 1978. In alll my years of grooming I have yet to see a dog contract parvo from coming to a grooming salon.I do understand it is posible but with all the safety measures in place its not likely. Home grooming is not safe. Without any training injures to the pet are very likely. scissors and blade are very sharp instruments, not for the untrained to use on a pet that is not likely to sit still.

    • Rae and Mark says:


      The reason we made this post is, as we said, because we have had at least one customer whose dog did get Parvo from a groomer. We’re not saying that dog groomers run unhygienic businesses – the point is that, no matter what precautions they take, they cannot guarantee that they won’t get the virus on their property or inside their premises (or in their vehicle if they run a mobile grooming business).

      As for home grooming, then we realise that dog owners need to take great care to avoid injury, but for those who are truly concerned about the Parvo virus, it is a viable option – and once you’ve lost a dog to Parvo, you do tend to get a bit paranoid about this virus.