ParvoBuster Affiliate Program – Update As At 3 October 2010

We have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we’ve still not heard from our main supplier, so our existing problems with Amber Technology products are still without a solution.

However, we do have some great news for you!

We’re working closely with another company, Natural Wonder Pets, who also make a fantastic range of 100% natural products for pets.

We have negotiated with Gary Le Mon, who owns this company, to give all affiliates that we refer to his program instant approval (provided you live in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

His current product range includes the following, and we’ve also shown the basic retail price of each item, as well as the commission you would earn, based on the standard 15% commission rate:

Product Retail Price Commission
TripleSure (flea & tick) $39.95 $5.99
DentaSure (dental health) $29.95 $4.49
FourGard (anti-parasitic, including heartworms) $29.95 $4.49
SoothAway & FlexaSure (arthritis) $59.95 $9.00
PrimaLix Cancer Care $39.95 $5.99
PrimaLix Immune $39.95 $5.99
DailySure Multi-Vitamin / Mineral Supplements (for dogs and cats) $39.95 $5.99
K9Calm (for nervous dogs) $39.95 $5.99
PrimaLix Diabetes Defense $39.95 $5.99
PrimaLix KC (for kennel cough) $39.95 $5.99
PrimaLix KC Cat Cough $39.95 $5.99

It’s worth noting, however, that Gary has special offers and combo packs available most of the time. This means that with the larger bottles (most of his are 4oz, compared to the standard 1oz from Amber Technology), the lower prices and the great deals, it’s a lot easier to get sales from these products than it is for the Parvo Gold Value Packs, for example, and the higher commission rate obviously makes it easier to earn more money too.

To put this in perspective for you, the commission you would earn from selling a Parvo Gold Value Pack via our own affiliate program would be 8% of $139.95, which works out to be $11.20.

To earn $11.20 from Gary’s affiliate program, you would only need to sell two of the 4oz. bottles (of most products), which is relatively easy.

So, to summarise, here are the main benefits of signing up for Gary’s affiliate program:

  • it’s free to join
  • your commission rate starts at 15% (compared to the 8% we can offer you)
  • the products are all chemical-free and 100% natural – you know we wouldn’t recommend anything chemical-based
  • the products are cheaper, with some great combo-pack savings which makes them much easier to sell

We highly recommend signing up today – the sooner you join, the sooner you can start earning additional commissions!

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