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  2. Seth says:


    My wife and I recently just adopted an 8 week old lab. The day after we adopted him the animal shelter called us and told us he had been exposed to parvo along with the rest of his litter. They euthanized the rest of the litter even though they had not shown any symptoms. We kept the puppy because his only other option was going back to the shelter to be euthanized. We want to help this little guy and keep him healthy. Any suggestions on how to keep him from contracting the virus? Thanks so much.

    ps: Can a dog who doesn’t have parvo but was exposed, be contagious to other dogs?

    Thanks again,
    Seth from Missouri

    • Rae and Mark says:


      Firstly, thank you for saving that puppy from being murdered.

      Secondly, some dogs do act as carriers for the virus, without showing symptoms, so yes, they could infect other dogs via their feces, for example.

      Finally, in terms of what we’d do to keep your Lab puppy safe, then:

      1. We don’t believe in vaccinating, ever (except for rabies, which you can’t avoid). Parvo shots are not that effective, meaning even dogs (both puppies and adults) who are fully up-to-date can still get the virus, and Parvo shots can even cause a dog to develop full-blown Parvo.

      2. We don’t subject our dogs to any chemicals, and that means not only those in vaccines, but also those in traditional dewormers and heartworm meds. All chemical-based drugs can have a wide range of side-effects, from the mild to the fatal, and they will also weaken the immune system over time, leading to other more serious issues such as chronic inflammation, arthritis and even cancer.

      3. We only feed our dogs a nutritious, chemical-free dog food, as most mass-market, cheap commercial dog food (i.e. the sort you’ll find at most supermarkets) is full of fillers that do nothing but bulk out the feed, chemicals, dubious ingredients (e.g. chicken, which can be contaminated with campylobacter), not to mention other disgusting items that have no place in any sort of food. We only use Triumph – see for more info.

      4. We give them a daily maintenance dose of the two products in our ParvoBuster Viral Smack-Down Kit in order to help them stay healthy. These are the same products you can use to treat Parvo and to help prevent symptoms from developing in dogs who have been exposed to the virus, but instead of the full dosage, it’s just one dose per day. We live in the worst state in the country for Parvo, and yet our (un-vaccinated) dogs have no health issues at all.

      As your puppy has been exposed to the virus, according to the shelter, then we would recommend getting a Parvo Treatment Kit and administering the prevention dosage, just to be on the safe side (it’s just four doses a day for five days, so it’s easy to do). If you then want to continue with the daily maintenance dosage after that, it’s up to you, but it is what we do and recommend.

      To find out what you need, please fill out the form on this page:

      If you have other dogs, you should enter details of those too, as there is a possibility that they could be infected now, and it’s far better to be safe than sorry with this virus.

      Whatever you decide to do, we hope your puppy stays healthy.